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Why self-catering holidays?

The advantages of staying in a self-catering house or holiday rental is that you have privacy and can make yourself at home, which is almost impossible in a hotel.

You can make yourself a drink or snack at any time without incurring any additional cost. This is especially important if a family with children is involved because the costs multiply quickly.

Children generally have space to play without annoying other guests. We provide some toys and games. A safe enclosed garden like ours is an extra boon.

For adults, you can come and go as you please. In countries like Poland it's so inexpensive to eat out that you will probably want to go to restaurants most of the time, rather than cook.

You have the freedom to eat in whichever restaurant you wish, take your pick of Polish, Italian, International or whatever you prefer, or if you're out for the day, eat at your destination.

See our choice of good restaurants in Cracow.

Other facilities of this self-catering house near Cracow and Zakopane

Eating what you want on your self-catering holiday in Poland


self-catering eatFood in Poland does not always suit anyone on a special diet with restrictions. For example, pork dominates the Polish menu. If you're a muslim or jew you may wish to prepare your own food, although we found that there is sufficient choice and certain preferred restaurants to avoid pork. There is usually a decent choice of chicken dishes on the menu and some beef. Lamb is a rarity. There is a butcher's shop and meat counters in supermarkets to buy meat plus large supermarkets in Cracow where you can buy almost anything, including horse meat.

Traditional Polish Food

People with coeliac disease requiring a gluten free diet will find eating out tricky. We have found gluten free bread in Carrefour in Cracow but you're more likely to want to cook from scratch, or have a number of stock phrases, unless you speak some Polish. The phrase for gluten free is 'bez gluteny'.

Fortunate are those who can eat all types of food, you will thoroughly enjoy eating out in Poland. Cabbage is a common vegetable in many dishes including the small grated salads that are prevalent. Try Polish bigos which is a cabbage and pork casserole, or cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat, served in a tomato sauce. Poles have a low incidence of bowel cancer, in spite of the large quantities of meat consumed, attributed to their large intake of cabbage and brassicas.

Safety and security

In this case, you have a garage and enough space on the driveway for 4 to 5 cars. Gates can be locked for security.

There is an optional house alarm.


Our expectations of guests in the self-catering house

  • Enjoy yourselves and treat the place with respect. We're not bothered about small accidental breakages like glasses or crockery - we accept this as part of wear and tear.
  • Do please tidy up at the end of your stay, empty all bins and place rubbish in the sacks provided.
  • Place all dirty linen and towels in the utility room for the cleaner to launder.
  • Ensure that all dishes are washed and sparkling clean - the cleaner is there to clean the house but not wash dishes. There is a dishwasher for this purpose.
  • Certain cleaning tools and materials including washing up liquid, dishwasher powder, furniture polish etc are provided.


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